Nervous Nineties



Ninety-nine blogs
Have oiled the cogs
They’ve started to mine
A new world of rhyme

Time to discover
To think and recover
The mind is active again


I used to travel by car
Very far
Thinking of some melody
Some rhythm or polyphony

Now I travel by train
Distance still the same
But thoughts of verse
In my mind
The music is next
Just after the text

Soon I will drive
The music to survive
In the muse
A mix to infuse
The beats and chords
The melody and tunes

When I’m travelled
I’m not tired
But inspired
Not retired

Commuting (the late one)

It’s nine p m
Jackets off for the day
On the evening train
What’s to say

Standing-room only
Everyone lonely
Wishing their life away

Commuting (first thing)

Morning bus
Stuck in the rush
Creeping it’s way
Through Holmer Green and Hazelmere

Just after dawn
With brake lights flashing
Like the earlier alarm
The rain is lashing
On the stressful fuss
Of the crawling bus

Rows of cars
One person in each
Friendship and sharing
Just out of reach
All out on display
Before the rest of the day

Commuting (on foot)

Walking against the flow
No where to go
Looking to recognise a face
At pace
An aspiration in vain

No contacts
No eyes
No comments
No ties

We are asleep
Don’t peep
Lost inside
Default is hide
Programmed with blinkers
To eradicate the thinkers


© P. R. Birkby 2014


About derangeddrums

Composer, percussionist, musical director, teacher and educator. My music has been written for audiences in palaces and in the street. Music is my vocation and my passion and I hope you enjoy it too.
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  1. kaisywmills says:

    Love this pic! Very pretty!

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