Reaching the audience (customers) on social media

Study Suite for bassoon promo

Who wants Study Suite for Bassoon and where are they? A case study.

Publishing so many books for different instruments during the recent weeks, and there are more to come, has made me consider the “how to reach your audience/customer using social media?” question again. Marketing is all about building a relationship with your customer so all the sales articles indicate and on social media how do I find the audience to start that relationship?

First a little research into who my customer might be so that any emailing or page promoting is targeted at the relevant musicians rather than having a scattergun approach which is more likely to lose customers than start a conversation. There is no specific age or demographic segment to a music audience although the Study Suite for… series ( is aimed at the more advanced performer so teenage and older would be the target range. I hope that music (and art of all kinds) does not depend on social status so identifying one segment of social grading in the A to E range (not a perfect 5th for the musicians amongst the readers) cannot be used to narrow down the target group. (If you want a little more information about how the pollsters look at the society they are quizzing from Ipsos-Mori is a good introduction).

For this study I decided to use the search terms bassoon or #bassoon and then broadened this out for a more general search to bassoon network or bassoon teachers.

The searches

A Facebook search resulted in a number of pages linked to Wikipedia of people that had or do play the bassoon, one add friend button (with a bassoonist) and like pages for orchestras, general music related groups and pages.

Twitter results were mixed showing a number of possible people to follow with bassoon as part of their name and #bassoon revealed more results that were often different to the bassoon search.

In Google I used the search terms network and teachers alongside basson which resulted in a list of sites for shopping, library music, cartoons, a masterclass promotion and various teachers and databases compiled by interested companies and one for the British Double Reed Society website (

LinkedIn was the most immediately productive search with a list of bassoon players and teachers (all had some shared contacts) and I easily invited many to connect. Within a couple of hours many had replied and connected as well and for those that did, welcome.

Study Suite for Bassoon is now published through the Sellfy store prbpnews

© P. R. Birkby 2015


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Composer, percussionist, musical director, teacher and educator. My music has been written for audiences in palaces and in the street. Music is my vocation and my passion and I hope you enjoy it too.
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