C from A to Z of percussion



Cabasa (also called Afuche) Beads over a tube.

Caixa (Brazil)- Drum with springs similar to snare drum.

Cajón/Cajónes (Cuba) Wooden crates of different sizes used to play rumba. (originally boxes to transport fish).

Campana (Cuba) Bongo bell or large hand held cowbell.

Car Horn (World) Bulb horn or electric version sometimes written at specific pitch(es).

Castanets (Spain) Pair of round shell shaped wooden or plastic discs (pictured).

Caxixi (Brazil) Flat bottomed basket work bodied shaker filled with seeds.  Often paired with the berimbau.

Cencerro (Cuba) Large cowbell (handbell).

Chachá (Cuba) Smaller of the two heads on a Batá drum.

Cha-cha bell (Cuba) Smaller cowbell mounted with the timbales.

Chains (World) Lengths of chain that are shaken, dragged or suspended for their sound.

Charanga bell (Cuba) Small mounted cowbell.

Chekeres (Cuba) see shekere

Chinese tom tom Thick head on a convex wooden shell.

Chucalho, Chocalo or Chocola (Brazil) Metal shaker filled with stone, sand, seeds etc or many metal pieces put together to shake.

Clapstick (Aboriginal/Australia) Slapstick or whip.

Claves (Cuba) 2 resonant pieces of wood that are struck together.

Conch Shell (Aboriginal/Australia) Seashell used as a horn.

Conga Habanera (Cuba) Havana style of conga.

Conga Oriental (Brazil) Santiago style of conga.

Congas (Africa)(Cuba) Single headed drums (derived from Congolese Makuta drums) also called tumbadoras.

Conguero (Cuba) Conga player.

Cowbell (World) Hollow metal bell, originally from around the necks of cattle.

Cricket (USA) Ball bearings hit a tube and imitate the sound of a cricket.

Cuckoo Call (Europe) A two-tone bird call

Cuica (Brazil) Friction drum with a stick glued through the centre of the head and played with a damp cloth. The pitch is controlled by pressure on the drum head.

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