D from A to Z of percussion



Dabachi (Japan) See singing bowl.

Dagga (India) Metal drum with straps and pegs for tuning.

Damaru (Tibet) Wooden hour-glass shaped drum with clappers. Played by rotation of one hand to make the clappers strike the skins (originally made from a human skull). Played with Drilbu in other hand.

Darabuka (Arabia) Vase shaped hand drum (pictured).

Dhap Dafri (India) Frame drum.

Dhol (India) Dome shaped rope tension drum.

Dholak (India) drum like conga.

Dholki (India) drum like bata.

Didgeridoo or Didjeridu (Aboriginal/ Australia)- Long hollow tube blown using a mixture of embouchure/ singing and circular breathing.

Djembe (Africa) Hourglass shaped drum.

Doira (Eastern Europe) Large tambourine.

Drilbu (Tibet) a hand-bell, played with Damaru.

Duck Call (See bird calls).

Duggi Tarang (India) Brass pot drums.

Dumbak (Arabia) Frame drum.

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