E, F and G from A to Z of percussion


Xylosynth copy

Eisa-daiko (Japan) Okinawan style of dancing and drumming.

Electronic Percussion (World) Triggers hit with sticks or fingers often linked to sound modules (pictured is the Xylosynth).

Elephant Bells (India) Sleigh bell like on a stick.

Engalabi (Africa) Long cylindrical drum.


Fanta (soda pop) bottle (Kenya) rhythm instrument to Omutibo music.

Field Drum (Europe) another name for a military snare drum.

Finger cymbals (Asia) light antique or crotale type pair of cymbals struck together.

Flexatone (USA) movable metal strip with clappers, can play melody (similar to a small version of a musical saw).

fósforo- (caixa de) (Brazil) Matchbox with matches.

frigideira (Brazil) Frying pan.


Gamelan (Java) Set of pitched gongs

Ganza (Brazil) Shaker or shakers bolted together

Ghatam (India) Pot drum

Ghungroo (India) Ankle bells

Glockenspiel (Europe) Metal bars that relate to the top few octaves of the piano.  Common versions of the instrument are 2.5 octaves with the top C being the top note of a full sized piano.  Marching version is the Bell Lyra.

English American Italian French German Spanish
Glockenspiel Bells Campanelli Jeu de timbres Stabglockenspiel Timbres

Gong (China) Pitched circular metal sometimes with a raised dome in the centre

Gourd (Tropics) Seed pod of a plant, used as a shaker, carved as a scraper, covered with beads or used to amplify instrumental sounds.  Examples are: berimbau, African marimba, shekere…

Guiro (Cuba) Scraper.

Gun- often a starting pistol.

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