Natural recovery

After the intense concentration, writing, thinking, arguing and decision making of the last few months I, quite naturally, managed to attract various germs and bugs into my body when the submission day had passed.  Even in my feverish state of mind I did remember writing a blog about this a few years ago regarding a change of circumstance: holiday, end of a project, moving house… can often lead to the immune system working less efficiently and consequently the body is more susceptible to germs and bugs.

I had planned to publish some of my backlog of works as soon as the thesis was submitted.  The music was not part of the compositions for the doctorate although they would still relate to the general concept of ‘A Twenty-first Century Light Music Composer’.  I am only now starting the process of publication but am happy to say it has started.

The first work to be published is a duet for marimba Arrow of Eros that includes two versions, one for two marimbas, one possible on a 4.3 octave instrument.  A demo recording can be heard at and the music can be downloaded in A4 format from or at US letter size at

The book of poetry and photographs inspired by a year of commuting Travels of a Peripatetic Percussionist is looking good and will be published soon.  Over 50% of any money generated from sales of this download will be donated to Dementia UK to help in the finding ways to treat the condition.

Back to the music and Dozens of Duets are almost ready for publication for bassoon, keyboard percussion, trumpet, clarinet, violin, flute… with these all being the next on the list.  Much of this would be published already but unfortunately life got in the way and, of course, with recovery will come new music.

(C) Peter R. Birkby 2016


About derangeddrums

Composer, percussionist, musical director, teacher and educator. My music has been written for audiences in palaces and in the street. Music is my vocation and my passion and I hope you enjoy it too.
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