Brexit still divides the UK: fifty fifty ish, no consensus politics at work by politicians who have no regard for a consensus, or businesses, or their constituents, just their own agendas.

Covid-19 divides the UK, into: those who have experienced some discomfort and then moved on, those who are very worried by how it might affect them, those who have been very poorly and are now trying to come to terms with the after effects, those who have lost people close to them, those who are trying their best to follow the guidance and keep going and those who do not care about anyone but themselves, have not changed their behaviours, and continue to live like there is no chance of them becoming infected and then infecting others.

In 2020 we have not been able to celebrate life and death in any meaningful way.

Hospital for any treatment has been quite a solitary affair, births may have been the slight exemption when both parents could be present, visiting times were suspended very early in the year for nearly everything else. Death has been a very difficult, have we really had the opportunity to come to terms with what has happened with the support of friends and family? I have not. There are so many things that need to be discussed and by the time we are able to air these thoughts and ideas many will be buried, forgotten, or there to jolt the conscience at unexpected times.

2020 has been the year that schools never shut.

Teachers have not been advised to wear any PPE in classrooms and children have been able to spread the virus to families that otherwise were taking all precautions. School building policy, for many decades, has been to cram as many pupils in as possible into ever smaller spaces, not good for any distancing when needed. Remote learning has never been properly funded and many pupils have never had the equipment to access their online lessons. Another lost generation unless the year is wiped-out/forgotten about and why not start next September (2021) as though it was 2020 cohorts? From teaching year 5 and 6 pupils I know how difficult this is as some are ready to go now and others would benefit from an extra year but continually playing catch-up is not the way to inspire/engage/teach a generation of pupils.

2020 the positives and negatives.

Far too many negatives and only a few positives, the balance to the year was all wrong. It looks as though the start of 2021 will still be skewed towards the negative although there is hope in a vaccine. I have hope in a vaccine. As to Brexit? I would prefer no barriers to travel and education, communication and security, but at the moment they seem to be the prices to pay for isolation.

© P. R Birkby 2020


About derangeddrums

Composer, percussionist, musical director, teacher and educator. My music has been written for audiences in palaces and in the street. Music is my vocation and my passion and I hope you enjoy it too.
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