Composing, teaching and bashing – a glimpse of Dr. Peter R. Birkby

This blog contains many thoughts and ideas about composing, crowdfunding, percussion and my compositions such as Deranged Drums on Digital Vistas and Pioneer – The Rotherham Musical.  There are thoughts and observations about many of the other aspects of life that affect the composer during the composition process.  This includes recent compositions for sale commercially as well as those created for commissions and information about percussion such as the A to Z blogs.   Deranged Drums on Digital Vistas is complete, performed and published and now I have created a musical with school pupils in Rotherham.

Composing music is a mysterious process, the choices, decisions and strategies used are peculiar to the individual composer. I hope this blog will explain the actions that I take during the development of the music and this will then help other composers to be confident with their musical solutions.  The non-composition writings that I post are from my thoughts as a: musician, performer, composer, teacher, pupil, human and enthusiast.Castle Hill 360 This collection of photographs, taken from around Castle Hill in Huddersfield, became the inspiration for the structure of Deranged Drums on Digital Vistas as I often use visual images to stimulate and sometimes dictate to my creative ideas.  The circular image gave me the order of the movements during the music with one ensemble tracking the sky and the other ensemble shadowing the earth as well as the concept of starting at any point in the music and continuing until the end seems right.

Music is my passion and I hope that you can relate to my compositions and enjoy performing or listening to them (or both).

My commercial sites are: https://Payhip.com/prbpnews for sheet music downloads, https://urbanskyline.bandcamp.com/ for audio. More instant news can be found on Facebook: Peter Birkby Twitter and Instagram: @prbpnews



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