M, N, O, P and Q from A to Z of percussion


Mark tree

Macho (Cuba) smaller timbale drum.

Madal (India) drum like bata.

Mallets (USA) see sticks.

Mambo bell (Cuba) Larger cowbell with timbales.

Maracas (South America) shells/ gourds or constructed pair of shakers with handles.

Marimba (Africa) Wooden bars with a mellow sound due to the size of the bars/register that the instrument can cover.  Various different versions see list below written at pitch.


Marimbula or Mbira (Africa) also thumb piano or kalimba.  Metal or bamboo strips attached to a resonating chamber.

Mark Tree (USA) Long metal wind chime with chimes ordered in pitch (pictured).

Matka (India) Pot drum.

Mexican Bean Very long seed pod used as a shaker.

Mkar-rnga (Tibet) Pitched gong.

Monkey Drum (Asia) Small drum on a handle with balls on strings that hit the heads when the handle is turned.

Motor Horns see Car Horns.

Mridangam (India) drum like bata.


Nagara (India) Pot drum.

Nightingale Call whistle in water filled chamber.

Nyma (Africa) Pot drum.


Orixas (Brazil) Beaded gourd instrument, used in afroxé.


Pailas (Cuba) Timbales or play shells of the drums.

Pakhwaj (India) drum like bata.

Palitos (Cuba) Sticks or played on any wooden sound.

Pandeirada (Spain) lively Galician tambourine-based tunes.

Pandeiro, (Brazil) Headed tambourine with heavy jingles.

Pistol (World) Starting pistol to create sound effect.

Prayer Bowl (see Singing bowl).


Quijada (South America) also charrasga or jawbone.  Jawbone (horse, donkey size) that has been dried with teeth intact to rattle when struck.  See the modern equivalent the vibra slap.

Quinto (Cuba) Smaller/ high pitched tumbadora (conga).

www.prbpnews.info for the latest news about percussion publications.  The A to Z is part of the Drum Kit and Percussion Jotter.

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