B from A to Z of percussion


Bowed cymbal

Bangla Khol (India) drum like bata

Bass drum (Europe, USA) deep sounding, usually two headed, unpitched drum.  Commonly struck with large headed mallets or foot pedal.

Batá Drums (Cuba) Sacred hourglass shaped drums used in Santeria religious ceremonies. From Yoruban/ Nigerian instruments.

Beatbox (USA) Drum sounds with the voice and body

Bell Plate (Asia) Pitched rectangular metal plates

Bell Tree (Turkey) Row of graded small bells

Bembé (Cuba) 1. Set of drums made from hollowed out logs with nailed on skins and tuned with heat.

Berimbau (Brazil) Single stringed instrument with a gourd resonating chamber, played with a stone or stick.

Binsasara (Japan) see Kokoriko

Bird Calls (World) Also decoy whistles or just whistles. Pot, wood, metal & plastic whistles imitating the sounds of specific birds.

Bodhran (Ireland) Frame drum played with a tipper

Bomba (Puerto Rico) 1. Rhythm and dance music with African infuences. 2. Large barrel-shaped drums, shorter than congas, used in the music.

Bombo (Cuba) Bass drum

Bombo Criollo (Cuba) Bass drum used in the Carnaval

Bones (World) Originally rib or leg bones in pairs although wooden replacements are now common.  See also spoons.

Bongo(s) (Cuba) Pair of small drums that play a timekeeping and improvising role in the ensemble. The smaller drum is called “macho” and the larger one “hembra”. One of the main patterns it plays is called the martillo or “hammer”.

Bongo Bell (Cuba) Large hand-held cowbell (campana/cencerro) played during louder musical sections by the bongo player (bongocero).

Bongocero (Cuba) The bongo (and cowbell) player.

Boobams (USA) Tuned tom toms

Boomerang (Aboriginal/ Australia) Hunting stick struck as an instrument

Botija or Botijuela (Cuba) Clay Jug for olive oil played for its bass sound.

Bow Cello or Double Bass bow used on cymbal (pictured), marimba, vibraphone etc.

Brake drum  Car brake drums mounted on stands and performed for their various metal sounds.

Bull Roarer (Australia) Wood on string spun around head

Bumb. (India) Very large drums for Rasiya music from the Braj. Area

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