Part-time PhD and amendments

Bowed cymbal

The main writing has been done over a six-year period.  The aural examination of the evidence is complete and there seems to be an inevitable stage for the new Doctor to then be required to complete some more paragraphs that further explain, make the examples clearer, include elements discussed in the…

Life has been on hold for over seven years as any ‘spare’ time was taken up with trying to get to the heart of the problem and where is this extra time to come from now?  I must admit I was exhausted once the thesis had been submitted but there was no relief as it was  impossible to take time off at such a busy time of the year. I stopped writing words, infrequent blogs are the proof, and started composing although that was difficult with rearranging and editing being my way back to music.

Most of the new works were discussed in the Something old, something new, something borrowed and something based on the blues blog and I am still editing and rearranging now with these four new additions to the catalogue.

Deranged Drums on Digital Vistas for drum soloist with percussion ensembles (8 players in total). Full score and parts now published and available to order from [advanced standard]

Timpani Tunes with piano accompaniments in £ in $ [elementary/beginner standard]

French Omelette for trombone quartet in £ [advanced standard]

Rhythm Quartets 6 with Dot in £ in $ [elementary/beginner standard]

I have also been revising the blogs and for the percussionist and/or any composers/arrangers reading don’t forget the resource of the A to Z of Percussion featured in a series of blogs last year.





E, F and G       

H, I, J, K and L

M, N, O, P and Q

R and S           

T, U, V, W, X, Y and Z

Will soon have submitted the amended thesis and then can I relax please? Probably not, music is a vocation not a job and is always with me.

© P. R. Birkby 2016


About derangeddrums

Composer, percussionist, musical director, teacher and educator. My music has been written for audiences in palaces and in the street. Music is my vocation and my passion and I hope you enjoy it too.
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